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Denise [userpic]


January 19th, 2006 (04:35 pm)
current mood: lame
current song: Oprah in the background

So I've finally decided to write in this amazing journal that christineadaae created for me. I hope to use this one more than my other one. I haven't decided quite yet if I want to make this open to everyone and let people know on my old friends list or if I just want to keep this somewhat personal. It's really nothing against them, I just have such a hard time writing about my life. Seriously, I'm very normal. Luckily nothing too tragic has happened in my life and I'm not really very good at anything. Basically, this will consist of a lot of nothing. I just don't see what people would find all that interesting in my journal. I'm just an ordinary girl trying to stay happy, grateful, and be a good person. Unfortunately, it seems that the only time I really feel inspired to write anything it's when I'm depressed and whiny. So if someone I don't know happens to stumble upon this or if someone I do know wants to friend me, I'm warning you now. BE Prepared... in the lines from the Lion King speak it best.

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